About Arts Council

Arts Council Azerbaijan is a non-profit organization and an international and independent contemporary art platform, established in 2006. As a member of the International Arts Council Network that is active in various countries around the world, we are committed to advancing creativity and arts in different forms.

In keeping with our organization mission, we promote Azerbaijani art and culture through numerous social and public projects and strengthen the art sector in Azerbaijan.

Arts Council works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, shaping cultural and education policies and practice – and acting as one of the regional champions to increase opportunities for people to participate, work in and enjoy the arts and culture.

To make this possible, Arts Council is working closely with government agencies, diplomatic missions and the media to carry out various projects and initiatives.

We offer full coverage of the most exciting local art events by spreading information about art projects via different channels (including media, social media and publications).

We also provide opportunities for networking and sharing experiences through a programme of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, talks, discussions and film screenings.

We offer development opportunities to young and emerging artists by sharing information about their work and helping them to grow professionally.

Having the big network of the Arts Council representative offices, we often organize international exhibitions and festivals.

Arts Council Azerbaijan is proud of being one of the leading organizations in the country.